Sunday, February 16, 2014

Colin Craig and the Conservative Party cry 'foul.' Maybe he's like KDC!

Have you heard the phrase, 'if it's too hot in the kitchen, get out,' Mr Craig. It seems that the remarks the leader (Russell Norman) made at the Big Gay Out about Craig's views about women and gays were too much for this fledgling and wannabe politician. Listening to the remarks on TV tonight made me laugh. They were hardly strong enough to warrant any form of legal action. Collin Craig needs to toughen up or does he perhaps realize that Norman's remarks were actually true? Maybe Craig has a real problem re his views about gays and women. What would we expect though from this right wing party? He is desperate to gain a foothold on  the NZ political spectrum, a bit like Kim Dotcom but for different reasons. I will say that at least Craig espouses what he believes to be a 'moral stand' rather than one that focusses on one issue and one person! So, a message to both aspiring MPs---you need to be thinking of a wider range of people if you ever wish to succeed in gaining a place in that most august of institutions-----Parliament. If not---then be consigned to the pages of history alongside other wannabes.

There was a 'party' near Eden Park on Saturday night. Things got out of hand---surprise!?

Yes, Auckland had a great weekend with very little trouble. The only real stand out (maybe the boat that crashed into a jetty was a bit crazy too—but) was the sad beating up of a ‘friendly’ gate-crasher to a part held very close to Eden park. As the headlines in the NZ Herald said---‘it need not have happened.’ Apparently, there were multiple attempts to enter the party by people leaving the ground after the very successful two days of sport at the ‘park.’
Even some party-goers were shocked at the violence of the attack on the ‘crasher.’ Witnesses said that he was not causing any problems. Of course, those who were responsible for the party organization, had every right to eject unwanted people, but they took a few steps too far.
They also made a really stupid decision. Surely they could have ‘partied’ on a night when there were less people around. Come-on people----isn’t it pretty obvious that party is going to be like a ‘beacon’ to those leaving the ground? Have you not learnt from history about such things?
Now, you have the consequences of a serious assault about to be laid at your door. 
This was all totally avoidable!

Dare I say it? Is Auckland 'coming of age' and actually behaving itself?'

Did I read the headlines correctly? Did I hear correctly? Yes, I am talking about a fabulous weekend in Auckland where about 200,000 revellers behaved themselves at a range of events. There were very few arrests and the police had a busy but relatively low-key weekend.
We had a huge ‘Rap concert,’ and a large sporting event, plus a colourful cultural event. One usually expects some ‘issues’ when large numbers of people, fuelled by alcohol and God what else, congregate in numbers for an extended periods of time.
Well folks, our worst fears did not eventuate. Instead, families came out, the lights were bright and people just had fun. Not since the Rugby World Cup of 2011 have we seen such sights---people getting on with life, taking the events and having a safe, but good time. Dare I say it---but maybe, just maybe Aucklanders are finally reaching that pointy where they can enjoy everything that Auckland offers and enjoy themselves without stuffing it up for the rest of us----if we decided to stay away from the venues. Let us see more weekends like this. Maybe the glorious weather played a part too.

Spain---it's great to see you reading my blogs---now try the books!

I have noticed an increase in the number of ‘hits’ on my blog by readers from Spain. That is good news and something I would very much like to build on. I won’t make jokes about ‘digging through earth’ from Madrid and reaching Auckland. Silly that, eh, but when we were kids I shall never forget the time when a teacher said that if we dug through the earth, we would reach Madrid; strange how things like that stick with you.
I often watch a TV series from the UK whereby British house-hunters, looking for a cheap ‘spot in the sun’ and head for the various regions of Spain. They are seeking warmer climes and a lifestyle that is simply not available in the rainy and cold UK. They forget about the other issues re living ‘abroad’ and go for their dream homes. They often find that there are hidden costs but I have to say---many of them fall in love with Spain and the then settle down, returning to the UK only for ‘important family reason.
Spain is way too far away (and it would take too much digging for me to consider such an option!) Instead, the best I could achieve would be to go for a holiday on Waiheke island (Go Google it , my friends and you will see what I mean) an ‘almost’ Mediterranean island in the Auckland Waitemata Harbour that offers a scaled down version of the Islands that Spain is so famous for, including the vineyards, but minus the ‘buzz.’
So, my new Spanish readers; may you continue to read my blogs and while you are at it, please download ROSKILL to your Kindle or other reading device and experience some Kiwiana, albeit a rather sad at times tale of the less glossy side of NZ life. Go to my website and follow the link from my ‘Bookstore.