Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spain---it's great to see you reading my blogs---now try the books!

I have noticed an increase in the number of ‘hits’ on my blog by readers from Spain. That is good news and something I would very much like to build on. I won’t make jokes about ‘digging through earth’ from Madrid and reaching Auckland. Silly that, eh, but when we were kids I shall never forget the time when a teacher said that if we dug through the earth, we would reach Madrid; strange how things like that stick with you.
I often watch a TV series from the UK whereby British house-hunters, looking for a cheap ‘spot in the sun’ and head for the various regions of Spain. They are seeking warmer climes and a lifestyle that is simply not available in the rainy and cold UK. They forget about the other issues re living ‘abroad’ and go for their dream homes. They often find that there are hidden costs but I have to say---many of them fall in love with Spain and the then settle down, returning to the UK only for ‘important family reason.
Spain is way too far away (and it would take too much digging for me to consider such an option!) Instead, the best I could achieve would be to go for a holiday on Waiheke island (Go Google it , my friends and you will see what I mean) an ‘almost’ Mediterranean island in the Auckland Waitemata Harbour that offers a scaled down version of the Islands that Spain is so famous for, including the vineyards, but minus the ‘buzz.’
So, my new Spanish readers; may you continue to read my blogs and while you are at it, please download ROSKILL to your Kindle or other reading device and experience some Kiwiana, albeit a rather sad at times tale of the less glossy side of NZ life. Go to my website and follow the link from my ‘Bookstore.

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