Saturday, February 15, 2014

Calling all dog lovers---I need your input!

If you live in Auckland and you have a dog, no doubt you have your favourite dog walk places; on the leash and off the leash. Yes, we all know the favourites, like the Big King Reserve, Meola Reef, Onehunga Bay and Waiatarua and some of you may even head out west to Kakamatua Inlet. Today I took Perdy to the Orakei Basin and that's a lovely walk too.
 BUT---I keep finding others that there is no reference for that I can find anywhere. Within a few kilometres of my home in Mt Roskill I have found some, like two that are very small and just down the road. then I came across the one near the Mt itself--not big, but enough space to let Perdy stretch her legs.
I am sure many of you know your local areas well, so come on--fess up and let us know. We will all be very responsible and pick up you know what! There must be many local secrets out there. Put up your suggestions in the add a comment or reply on FB. Your dogs will love meeting mine and I am sure its a win win for all. Yip, Auckland really is going to the dogs!

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