Saturday, February 15, 2014

Greens promise cheap loans for 'solar' power.' 'Secret' visits to Kim Dotcom!

I am saying three things in this blog. First, we are all totally bored with the stupidity surrounding KDC (Kin Dotcom) and the crazy visits that some of our opposition politicians are making to his sprawling rented mansion  They have totally missed the mark. What is it about this guy that drives the likes of Norman, Peters, Banks and others like moths attracted to light. We all know what happens when moths fly into those traps. A message here guys---moths get 'burned' in some traps.
OK, back to the solar power offer from the Greens. Good, I like that and maybe it will restore some sanity to the political scene. I can vouch for the efficacy of solar water heating and if I had my way, I would like to see a law requiring all new homes to have solar power. (As long s it is possible for the building, that is)
My third point is that, rather than just providing cheap loans for solar power, I would like to see some NZ investment in making SP cheaper as a total option. Surely, the more we sell the cheaper the units get and there must be ways to bring about ever more efficient and cheaper units.
The clean, non-polluting SP systems have to be the way of the future, along with wind turbines. I saw a small 'screw-shaped' unit the other day and it was non intrusive or noisy. Lets see initiatives on that score too.
Got the message, Greens and NZ First? Stop the bullshit and get on with bringing us good ideas that don't need silly visits to the big man. You are just playing into his somewhat seedy hands. Nothing comes for free!

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