Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another 'voice' on the block. Welcome to New Zealand, Aljazeera.

We have seen Aljazeera in NZ before, but not full time. I was pleased to see the return with Aljazeera having it's own slot on Sky TV. I shall enjoy another 'slant' on the news but will subject it to the same distain have for other outlets when I perceive any bias. Now that we have Aljazeera, along with the usual same old bastions of our news intake, perhaps we can get some balance. That will mean I will need to a lot of channel-surfing,' a habit that will little for the 'peace' in my little house. Oh well, I shall be gentle in that the TV won't be tuned to the 'news' all the time. Hell, I may even watch that crazy old lady, Joan Rivers with her extremely 'informative' Fashion Police, a programme that every aspiring wannabe whatever should watch. Be warned however, your definition of 'balance' will be severely challenged to say nothing of your sensitivities on 'other matters pertinent to being 'informed.' Maybe Aljazeera will add her to their team of resolute reporters!

'I had a dream,' seems to be right up there at the moment. Well, I had one too---The Middle East was peaceful!

Yes, my dream was magnificent! I dreamed that Syria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and the rest of the Middle East were lands where children were safe and women had access to education, free to vote, uninfluenced by stand over tactics, free to follow their dreams. The skies were clear of jets  seeking them out as targets, the streets were busy and colourful, filled with people going about their daily lives, knowing that the police were not corrupt and that there were no suicide bombers ready to throw bombs into mosques or other places of worship. Indeed such places were havens of peace where people gathered to listen to peaceful words from leaders who had no other agenda than love, and spreading the words of the 'books,' not 'forcing the listeners or extoling them to acts of violence against others.
The army did not act against its own people and the leaders knew that they must listen to and include all people in the life of the nations. No one country dominated, although on the horizon there was always the spectre of 'greater powers,' one in particular that still wished to garner influence. The nations did not care because they were sure in their own direction and that the august United Nations curtailed the worst aspects of those 'predator powers.'
THEN I WOKE UP TO REALITY. The news was full of suffering, not just in the Middle East, but the bombs continued to be thrown and children killed while 'greater powers,' stood by in disunity. Sure, one nation still took it upon itself to act, with no plan, no vision and continued to do its thing. I SHALL CONTINUE TO HOPE. HISTORY DOES HAVE A WAY OF SHRUGGING OFF HATE, INTOLERANCE AND EVIL. Dream with me!