Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another 'voice' on the block. Welcome to New Zealand, Aljazeera.

We have seen Aljazeera in NZ before, but not full time. I was pleased to see the return with Aljazeera having it's own slot on Sky TV. I shall enjoy another 'slant' on the news but will subject it to the same distain have for other outlets when I perceive any bias. Now that we have Aljazeera, along with the usual same old bastions of our news intake, perhaps we can get some balance. That will mean I will need to a lot of channel-surfing,' a habit that will little for the 'peace' in my little house. Oh well, I shall be gentle in that the TV won't be tuned to the 'news' all the time. Hell, I may even watch that crazy old lady, Joan Rivers with her extremely 'informative' Fashion Police, a programme that every aspiring wannabe whatever should watch. Be warned however, your definition of 'balance' will be severely challenged to say nothing of your sensitivities on 'other matters pertinent to being 'informed.' Maybe Aljazeera will add her to their team of resolute reporters!

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