Sunday, September 1, 2013

Will the Labour Party leadership roadshow take it away from the next General Election?

I pose the above question merely as a ‘teaser’ in the sense that what we are witnessing now is an ‘election’ type barnstorming around the country, complete with ‘policy announcements, some made on the hoof and others with a little more thought behind them. That there is little in the way of ‘bad feeling’ or any major challenge to the various pronouncements of the three candidates does make it different of course.
Key and his cohort snipe away when they can and I am sure that Parliament will be a place where he will try to derail and discredit the Labour party process. He must be left wondering at the fairly high interest from many sectors of the public and how that may be taking away from his agenda. He may also be happy that he can get on with some of his devious ‘works,’ sure in the  knowledge that at least the ‘road show’ has the possibility  taking away some of the hype that should come at the election next year.
It is all new territory for any political party in New Zealand to have this ‘Primary’ type of election for a leader and who knows how it will affect the polls. We shall soon find out once the new leader is announced. So far, the three participants have conducted themselves within the bounds of the Party’s rules and seem almost gentlemanly in their approach. There has not been any rancour amongst them and of this continues it bides well for their eventual working together against a common foe, both before and after the elections next year.
 One does wonder how long they can keep this approach and not return to previous battles where much blood was left on the floor. If Labour can get this process right then they have a chance next year. Hopefully their entertaining road show will not tire the public and bounce back on them. I mean, we can only take so much of this stuff, don’t you think?

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