Sunday, September 1, 2013

Will Mr Key listen to the reuslts of the referendum?

So the numbers are in and the Government must have a referendum re the asset sales. This must be most irksome for Key and his minions, as he sees the asset sales as a key part of his policy. He must have the referendum but will he listen? Time will tell and even if the majority of the voters reject his policy I have this feeling that he will forge ahead anyway. Maybe he will react like Cameron did in the UK when Parliament there delivered him a slap in the face when he was going to go along blindly with Obama’s plan to bomb Syria.
What is it about leaders in so many countries that they feel that ‘they are right and to hell with the wishes of the people?’ One word explains their personalities---‘arrogance.’ They have a belief that ‘they know best.’ And that is the sign of a leader who is ‘out of touch.’ Have we not seen that with previous ‘administrations,’ whatever the flag they attach to their party?
Come on Johnny boy; wake up and smell the coffee!

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