Sunday, September 1, 2013

The war on using 'animals for testing party drugs.' The Ministers' reply. A way to go yet I would say!

Yes there has been some progress but there is still a way to go. Maye the pressure is working, so lets keep it up. Here is Cabinet Minister, Hathan Guy's reponse. Make up your own minds.

Thanks for your email regarding animal testing for psychoactive substances. I share your concerns.

This is why the Government has agreed that the Primary Production Select Committee will now consider an amendment seeking to ban testing of psychoactive substances on animals.

It’s important to note that we already have very strong controls in place, and that party pills have never been tested on animals in New Zealand.

However this amendment will allow the committee to look at this issue in depth and for the public to have their say.

Hon Nathan Guy
Minister for Primary Industries

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