Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Oil at $US20 a barrel?

Sure oil at $US20 a barrel sounds like good news for the motorist. But is that really that positive? I don't think so. With a situation re pollution, gas emissions at high levels added to an increasing population, then things are not quite so rosy. If we care about our planet and pull our heads from the sand for a moment, consider the move to renewable energy that is taking place, the new technologies--these are all under threat if oil fall to such low levels. In a sense we need the spur of high oil to using new greener technologies. If that is put back because oil becomes king again, then we are all the losers. Just think about that before you head to the oil pumps with a feeling of glee---think about the emissions that your happiness re saving a penny now at the expense of the planet's future---your kids are the losers as they inherit a 'damaged' world.