Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shane Jones has gone---time to take a leaf out of Tamati's book, Labour---just get on with it and win!

I like Shane Jones. I believe he would have been right up there in the next Labour Government. He is a 'terrier' in Parliament, just the person needed to shake the Government benches but the fact is, he about to go. There is no point in analysing why he went and how it happened. It is time to get on with concentrating on the real issues that beset this nation and follow the fine example of Tamati in Rotorua. That man impresses me mightily, re his efforts to reach out and meet the electorate and the manner in which he has drawn support from a wide range of voters. He is concentrating on the issues and seeing the bigger picture, albeit from his Rotorua base. Come on Labour people; don't get sucked into the endless and pointless discussions that National would have you do! Get in behind your local candidates and the leader of the Labour Party. The leadership battle is over and should be put behind us. Any other strategy is wasted  and will keep Labour in the doldrums. Shane has gone and will no doubt contribute in other areas for the betterment of New Zealand and the wider world stage. Now, go forth and multiply the votes!

Golly Dolls (Gollywogs) in shops selling 'legal highs.' Which one is offensive!

WE had the prospect of the Human Rights Commission rejecting the complaints that selling Golly Dolls; they dare not call them gollywogs anymore, is  against the law. Apparently the commission receives about 6 complaints from people likening the sale of Gollywogs to the display of Nazi symbols. Give me a break. Are we so thick-skinned that we get offended by these harmless dolls. Hell, do all dolls have to be the Ken and Barbie type examples; ones which I contend do far more harm than any imagined insult re the former dolls. I would very much like to see people getting off their chuffs and stopping the sale of 'legal highs' in our streets than get myself upset by these 'blasts from the past.' Any racist connotations are long gone and if a kid was wandering around with a cute black gollywog, I wold not take offence. I would however be extremely concerned if I saw a kid outside a shop that sells that other dangerous 'crap!' For Goodness sake, let's fight the issues that need to be fought.