Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dare I say it? Is Auckland 'coming of age' and actually behaving itself?'

Did I read the headlines correctly? Did I hear correctly? Yes, I am talking about a fabulous weekend in Auckland where about 200,000 revellers behaved themselves at a range of events. There were very few arrests and the police had a busy but relatively low-key weekend.
We had a huge ‘Rap concert,’ and a large sporting event, plus a colourful cultural event. One usually expects some ‘issues’ when large numbers of people, fuelled by alcohol and God what else, congregate in numbers for an extended periods of time.
Well folks, our worst fears did not eventuate. Instead, families came out, the lights were bright and people just had fun. Not since the Rugby World Cup of 2011 have we seen such sights---people getting on with life, taking the events and having a safe, but good time. Dare I say it---but maybe, just maybe Aucklanders are finally reaching that pointy where they can enjoy everything that Auckland offers and enjoy themselves without stuffing it up for the rest of us----if we decided to stay away from the venues. Let us see more weekends like this. Maybe the glorious weather played a part too.

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