Sunday, February 16, 2014

Colin Craig and the Conservative Party cry 'foul.' Maybe he's like KDC!

Have you heard the phrase, 'if it's too hot in the kitchen, get out,' Mr Craig. It seems that the remarks the leader (Russell Norman) made at the Big Gay Out about Craig's views about women and gays were too much for this fledgling and wannabe politician. Listening to the remarks on TV tonight made me laugh. They were hardly strong enough to warrant any form of legal action. Collin Craig needs to toughen up or does he perhaps realize that Norman's remarks were actually true? Maybe Craig has a real problem re his views about gays and women. What would we expect though from this right wing party? He is desperate to gain a foothold on  the NZ political spectrum, a bit like Kim Dotcom but for different reasons. I will say that at least Craig espouses what he believes to be a 'moral stand' rather than one that focusses on one issue and one person! So, a message to both aspiring MPs---you need to be thinking of a wider range of people if you ever wish to succeed in gaining a place in that most august of institutions-----Parliament. If not---then be consigned to the pages of history alongside other wannabes.

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