Sunday, February 16, 2014

There was a 'party' near Eden Park on Saturday night. Things got out of hand---surprise!?

Yes, Auckland had a great weekend with very little trouble. The only real stand out (maybe the boat that crashed into a jetty was a bit crazy too—but) was the sad beating up of a ‘friendly’ gate-crasher to a part held very close to Eden park. As the headlines in the NZ Herald said---‘it need not have happened.’ Apparently, there were multiple attempts to enter the party by people leaving the ground after the very successful two days of sport at the ‘park.’
Even some party-goers were shocked at the violence of the attack on the ‘crasher.’ Witnesses said that he was not causing any problems. Of course, those who were responsible for the party organization, had every right to eject unwanted people, but they took a few steps too far.
They also made a really stupid decision. Surely they could have ‘partied’ on a night when there were less people around. Come-on people----isn’t it pretty obvious that party is going to be like a ‘beacon’ to those leaving the ground? Have you not learnt from history about such things?
Now, you have the consequences of a serious assault about to be laid at your door. 
This was all totally avoidable!

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