Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Should we expect more from our politicians when it comes to the 'bedroom' or anywhere esle they chose to do their thing?

I am tempted to be a little risqué when I write this little offering. After all the details we have heard lately about the Len Browns affair and the righteous indignation about his lack of judgment and morals, one would think that it would all die a natural death.  Honestly, some of the comments are pukish in their aim. The holier than thou stance taken by some of these overzealous twats is enough to make me think  the collateral damage is much closer to home for him rather than having any real effect on society or Auckland City. I am not condoning Len’s actions or trying to lay the blame on the unfortunate ever so innocent recipient of his attention, but the resulting furore leaves me wondering if we are capable of reaching beyond the narrow confines of our restrictive thinking practices.
All this affair has done is to unleash a possible tit-for-tat response from those who have been labelled as immoral amongst other nasty names. One only needs to look beyond and within our shores to find similar examples of ‘leadership entanglements’ with sexual partners, some far more sinister and damaging to both parties.
Take the premiers and presidents of some of the larger nations of the world and fill in the dots; you get the picture, I am sure. The USA, Italy and France have all had their seedy leadership rompings, made very public in the not so very distant past. What would the paparazzi and other media feed on if it was not for the frenzy such actions provide.
The question remains as to how much these shenanigans affect the running of our nations. How wrong could things go if a high ranking official, responsible for nuclear ‘button pushing’ was in the throes of a passionate affair? The mind boggles at the possibilities.
Len hardly has his fingers on any button other than undoing his own, so therein we can observe the real victims of his actions. I suspect that each day, if not each hour is going to fill us in with yet more details. I am looking to the time when Len and the rest of us can get on with life. Enough already!

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