Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Now that the cat's out of the bag, lots of peple will be heading for the hills!

Yes, Len Brown has a great deal to answer for to his family and whether his partner will be able to ‘forgive’ and move on has yet to be seen. The real victims are not some ‘group of moralistic voters’ who claim that they cannot see a man who has transgressed in the manner Len has, as being a suitable Mayor for Auckland. They have very short memories; just look to Clinton for that.
One has a huge sense that there is much more to this whole sorry affair than has so far appeared on our media. We are now hearing reports that the lady involved in the sandwich is ‘regretting going public’ and only did so after she lost in her attempt to gain a position on a local ‘Board’ and after Palomino’s flailed attempt at the Mayoralty. That there has been a concerted attempt by parties linked to the National Party is also of concern. John Key has of course distanced himself from any involvement; even coming out as being supportive of the work Len has done for Auckland.
The orchestrated attempt by the right to discredit Len Brown will have its consequences; ones that they are stupid not to have seen coming. Now that the gloves are off, expect some fireworks aimed at them. This is the nature of politics; the nasty and dirty side. All ‘sectors’ of politics are capable of displaying this unseemly trait and it feels like people never take head from the lessons of history.
I do not know whether Len will survive, but I feel is obvious is that a ‘beast’ may have been unleashed, all in the name of individual’s ‘lust for power.’ The dust will settle and life will go on and nothing about human nature will have changed. The ‘moralists’ will feel vindicated and will sit around supping their gins and teas, waiting until the sword falls on one of their own, as it surely will.
Len, take time to be with your family then get on with the job that you were elected to do.

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