Friday, March 29, 2013

North Korea threatens war---again----but-------

North Korea yet again is making ‘war type’ noises, threatening to rain missiles down on the USA and God knows who else. Russia and China must be cringing at the thought of having to support NK if the possibility comes to fruition.

Of course the USA has responded calmly by reiterating that they are ready for any eventuality. There is a certain amount of smugness in this response and perhaps the very fact that the USA is conducting what can only be assumed to be ‘threatening’ military exercises in South Korea does little to bring down the anti.

Back to the position of North Korea and its megalomaniacal leader; well that is something else again. The NKs spend huge amounts of money on military ‘needs’ while many of the population starve and lack any freedom. The country has been locked away from the real world for so long that any sense of reality of the world at large for most NKs is completely lacking. They know nothing but deprivation and whatever the current leaders have fed them for more than 60 years. Is it any wonder that they are cowered and have little inclination or the means to challenge their sorry lives?

If North Korea follows through on its threats, then the result would be cataclysmic for them. The USA would be forced to retaliate in kind if NK nuclear weaponry makes it as far as the USA. NK’s former allies would be stupid to come alongside; instead they would watch form the side line, knowing that their economic futures are tied inextricably to that of the USA. Perhaps the ‘global economy’ has a few good points, at least from a ‘world peace’ perspective, if not much else.

Then again, perhaps the ‘Dear Leader’ is once again posturing in order to garner support from his possibly put of control military complex and to persuade the rest of the world to send in humanitarian aid. He can’t have it both ways!

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