Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peter Dunne---Why do we have to wait until August?

I remember quite a few Blogs ago that I praised Mr Dunne, the Minister in charge of remedying the situation re the sale of synthetic cannabis in our Dairies (corner shops) and other establishments. It seems that I was a bit naive about this possible partial solution to the danger posed by these ‘substances’ to the youth (and others) in our country.

I hear that we have to wait until August. Why?! WE have seen this Government push through other legalisation that many New Zealanders do not support and they do it quickly. Yes, I am aware that there is a ‘procedure’ that must be followed but for this legalisation, I don’t even mind if they push it through and take the credit, because it would at least go towards stemming the flow of these damned evil drugs.

So, once again I say to anyone who reads this----TAKE YOUR OWN ACTION. YOU KNOW YOUR LOCAL SHOP. Find out if they sell the ‘stuff’ (K2 at the moment) and strongly let them know that you will not be supporting their business until they desist in this action of greed and endangerment of our communities. Pass this on to as many friends and contacts as you can! Make sure that the shops know about a poster that is available to be displayed that says quite clearly that-----‘We do not sell any harmful substances.’ OK, I know that smokes could be in that category, but that is another battle.

People-power has worked before. If the Government will not act immediately in the best interest of its citizens, then WE the people must.

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