Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scribe---are you advocating violence if someone says something you don't like?!

Scribe is way off the mark and shows that he thinks violence is possibly 'justified.' he says that there may be another side to the 'story.' Reall?----and that makes it OK. Shame on you Scribe. I have always thought that your were an OK guy, but if you really think that 'someone (read Ryder) said something and that people in the area near the 'establishment' are humble and don't beat up on people without good reason, then you are justifying the actions of a group of thugs. I can not think of works that would have make it OK to beat up Jesse Ryder.
Yes, we will hear what led up to the violence but I suspect that it is going to be in a pretty 'down the scale' manner and that these thugs I (some related) took this chance to show their 'manhood' and to look good in front of their 'friends.'
If that is the world you want for us, then I hold little hope for NZ's future direction.
How about you take a good hard look at your words of 'wisdom' and reflect upon them. Then, just maybe you will start to win back some repsect!

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