Thursday, November 6, 2014

Iran====wonder who is reading my blogs there!

I am always intrigued to see the number of countries reading my blogs. Sometimes a new one appears and if it is only one hit—I take that as meaning that the reader stumbled on my blog. It is when multiple hits occur that I realize that I have a new or ’some’ new readers in a particular country. Thus---when I see Iran appearing, I am pleased and I also wonder, given the fact that access may be problematic there especially when one reads about some of the other ‘curtailed’ freedoms in that country. Let’s face it---you would not want to fall foul of their ‘religious police,’ or come to the attention of various ‘State’ authorities charged with keeping the ‘people in order.’ So when I see readers from Iran, I hope that they are able to access my blogs in a safe way. My criticisms of various aspects of the Iranian leadership and the religious dogma that dominates Iran’s life, leads me to believe that reaching out to people everywhere would do a great deal to break down the mistrust that is so prevalent between nation states and their people. Welcome Iran and hopefully you can post some responses to my ravings. Go well.

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