Friday, November 7, 2014

18 months on from Bariatric Surgery--I could not have done this so easilly before.

Two years ago, I was a mess. My doctor told me that I probably wouldn't collect my pension at 65 because my health was heading 'south' at a rapid pace. You name it---I had it. As for exercise and moving much more than dragging myself once around the 'Bay' at Onehunga, with my Taliban-inspired terrorist Jack Russell--well, even that was starting to become more than a chore. I made every excuse to not take her to the bay, every lie to not go for a decent walk and no excuse for eating huge 'big breakfast specials.' Now 18 months after the date with the surgeon, life is totally different. Once I was 120 kilos--now I average about 77; before I had no interest in clothing fashion--because always shopping in the 'big boys section, where everything was always too long, because yes---I am a short arse! Forget shopping online for nice, fashionable stuff! There was another quite sad downside to being really big. Say what you like--be PC about it if you want---but PEOPLE TEND TO IGNORE YOU when you are huge! I can hear the rebuttals re my last statement, from people who haven't 'been there,' or have a vision of the world that doesn't match reality. Yes, I tried every diet that most of you are aware of and all I did was make firms that feed into the fitness and fatness industry---fatter re their profits and more sure of their lies. 'AT THE END OF THE DAY, it was over to me, with a bit of help from the surgeon---Bariatric Surgery. 18 months later, the health issues are not present and my life is anew with promise. I can even think of getting that camper van next year! I can climb into it without help. I can do my garden again, without drowning in sweat! So to celebrate the latter fact---I started my garden today. Now---in my backyard I have tomatoes, scallopini, flowers, beans and capsicums. These new friends will be joined later (when my brother delivers some new planters) by additional healthy options. I can't wait to see them grow and flourish, adding healthy foods to my daily regime. Now--all I have to do is care for them, nurture them, much like I now care about myself again. Perdy---keep your JR nose out of that container!

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