Thursday, November 6, 2014

Methamphetamine (P) continues to drag down everyone it comes into contact with!

Neil Coleman4 mins · Auckland · .Once again we see the strong influence of a nasty substance on the famous amongst us; on an icon who is much loved by many the world over. I am of course talking about the now infamous AC/DC star who has as a 'side-player' to his latest brush with the law, the scourge of so many towns and cities and at all levels of society---- the drug 'P.' Read about my take on how this can affect a familly, cuasing it to self-destruct. GO to or for an instant link to the download --- Maybe you want an even better deal with a sighned ciopy for someone you love for Xmas. Contact me direct at-- Neil Coleman | Author of Roskill and Talk to|By Neil Coleman

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