Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I am sick of taking Losec for Acid Reflux---my solution---Manuka Honey.

Since having Bariatric Surgery my health has improved massively. Gone are Diabetes Type 2, high Cholesterol, blood pressure and sleep apnoea. My fitness level has improved and life is generally so much better. I just have one issue---Acid Reflux Disease. I had it before the operation and weight loss, but it will not go away. I take Losec but even with that I still have disturbed sleep. So---I am tyring out natural solutions; the first being Manuka Honey, the so -called miracle cure for many aliments. Why would I not try a 100% NZ Pure solution? I use one that has a rating of 10 but I shall step that up once this one runs out. Look out for the results.

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