Sunday, November 2, 2014

AeroPress Coffee Maker--does it work?

I purchased an AeroPress Coffee Maker about 6 months ago. I had been using an Italian coffee maker and I was happy with it. The only down side was that I had to take to the ‘doctor’ every year to get things done---as you do and that was getting quite expensive. Indeed, one could say that I could have brought one of the cheaper ones for the same amount that I was spending every year and just chuck the old one away. So---when I was told about the AeroPress I decided to take the plunge. I purchased it online with the bits that came with it (filters etc.) for about NZ$75 delivered. I watched the online video and I was soon making acceptable coffee and with the addition of the Frother from another company I was more than happy. I would rate it as almost as good as the machine I was no longer using. The AeroPress CM makes a product that is not quite a real espresso but better than a plunger style coffee. That was until a favourite barista I go to told me some secrets. I had read that it was not really possible to get a good ‘crema’ on the coffee but that would not affect the taste. How wrong I was to believe that! Using the following method, I have come to the conclusion that I will sell the Italian machine and not buy a really expensive product. The AP is more than match for most coffees I get at cafes. Grind your coffee beans as you would for the coffee machines. Remember it is not a ‘plunger so it has to be the fine grade. Boil the water but add a little cold so that it is between 70C and 90C. Slowly add the water to the coffee in the receptacle—not in the screw in part. Wet the filter. Let the coffee brew for about 2 minutes, string a bit, while the milk is frothing in the Frother, if you want a Flat White as we call it in NZ and Aussie!’ Now, pour the coffee into the receptacle and let that sit for a few seconds then apply the pressure, pushing down slowly. If you have done it right, there will be a lot of crema. Yes it does dissipate fairly quickly but the result is superb. Make sure you source really good beans, like the ones I get from Eden Coffee! I am not going back to the expensive espresso machines. This one is great to take on a trip. I cannot be without good coffee and the savings I make whilst on holiday by making my own coffee are fantastic. Go and experiment with your AP.

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