Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A beautiful cat came to work!

From time to time, animals follow kids to school. Usually they are picked up by their 'caring' parents,' but this time that has not happenned and I do not think that many people (teachers and kids) are too worried, given the nature of the said beast! I had heard that this black cat was wandering into classes and making herslef at home. I also saw her in the playground going up to kids and smirching her way into their hearts. I wonder why no one has claimed her. Hell, if she was my cat I would move heaven and earth to try to find her. Why do I say that? Well, it seems that she has decided that my office and the comfortable couch is where she belongs. The kids and a parent so far have included her in their sessions with me. She has this calming influnece on them but she also lets them know if she does not want their attention. In the words of our 'Dear Leader,' John Key,--'At the end of the day,' if she decideds that she aint going anywhere, we will have to make some decissions. She will either remain a 'shared school cat,'or I will be joining the wannabes who want to take her home.

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