Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Israel makes 1800 hits on my blog in one day---impossible!

There has either been a 'mother of all glitches' re my blog site or I am now the target of Mossad or something sinister. I very much doubt the latter as I cannot remember saying anything terribly untoward against Israel. True, I may have levelled some criticism about their polices re the West Bank and Gaza, but I firmly believe in Israel's right to exist peacefully as a nation, free from terrorist attacks, but I genuinely would love to see the Palestinian people have the same rights as Israelis. The sad fact is that two peoples want to retain the same land and the reasons for this are a long litany of foreign adventures in the 'Holly Land.' OK, the other possibilities are: I am the victim of a dumb arse hacker or Israel now loves my blogs. If so---buy my book ROSKILL or download it. Let me believe the latter to be a fact.. Doubt it, somehow!

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