Thursday, November 27, 2014

I think (I hope) that I have blocked and reported the person 'pretending' to be me!

What a pity my surpise that more then 2000 hits had occured on my blog! It would have been great of that had equated to sales for ROSKILL, but given the nature of the posts that person put up, I doubt it. They had a real 'beef' with Israel and even though I may have agreed with some aspects of their posts, I do not advocate 'downing Israel,' or any other such extreme actions. That the posts purortedly originated in Israel may not be true. I wonder who it could be. Hell, they even had a space where I could 'friend' HER! I didn't and I wont. Oh well--one learns. I just hope that by 'reporting her to the Google plus administrators, that it all stops. Now my 'figures for hits on my blog are a bit 'bent.' So, in my head, I need to take into account that 2000 plus hits do not exist. I also hope that the 'event' does not represent something more sinister. OK--if you are reading this, please pass onto your 'friends,' the real ones, the links to my site and book. Have a good 'non-hacked' day! THE REAL ONE. The one who has bad typos and says unPC things and doesn't give a shite about pissing off bad-arse world leaders and other wannabe politicians!

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