Thursday, November 13, 2014

Reflux and trying to get off those nasty pills! The natural way.

Lots of people suffer from Acid Reflux and it can be quite 'sleep disturbing' and have serious affects further down the track if not treated. Yes, it can be 'controlled' re medication but those of us who don't want to permanently take these pills often seek other answers. OK, we are not all the same and the causes are not always easily apparent. I decided to try to go off the pills and attempt a more natural way of dealing to my Reflux issues. Firstly, I stopped drinking coffee at night and I do not have spicy food more than a few times a week. I tried turmeric in a drink but that was revolting so I knew I needed to mask the taste. It DID help though. I am now using a mixture of slippery elm, mixed with Manuka honey and still adding a pinch of turmeric to the warm milk. This concoction actually tastes good. In the morning, I start the day with some apple cider vinegar, before have breakfast. The next addition will be Aloe, which I conveniently grow. I reckon I have the bases covered and I hope to be able to report back in the next few weeks about winning the battle of the 'reflux!'

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