Monday, November 24, 2014

'Dirty Politics' was just the entree!

Many New Zealanders were shocked at the so-called ‘revelations’ portrayed on Hager’s book, ‘Dirty Politics.’ The remainder chose to consign the opinion Hager attempted to put upon us as lies and dammed lies or just ignore them as a ‘what the hell does it have to do with me?’ kind of reaction. Now that the truth is about to come out, the PM’s part in the saga can no longer be denied. That he won an election, twice re how he used the events surrounding the allegations is a strong possibility. New Zealanders were sucked in to his ‘smiling assassins’ face and the manner in which he attacked those trying to put forward an alternate point of view re Hager’s opinion. We now have the spectre of the GCSB needing to apologize to Phil Goff, the Leader of the Opposition in 2011. Many would say that the election in that year was stolen by the actions of the PM and how he directed the GCSB via spurious leaks and underhanded manoeuvrings, leaking information and having his fellow conspirators (Slater and CO.) do his dirty work. That much of what those ‘allies’ put into the public domain influenced the outcome of the 2011 and the one just held, will be debated for many years, but at the very least, the actions of our PM should be questioned. New Zealand has to endure the present Government for just under three more years. What will the PM and his party come up with next, in order to further their aspirations re holding on to power? One can only guess, but be prepared for more of what we have witnessed over the last 6 years. Politicians of all persuasions and power-brokers in general have this tendency—one that cares only for the ‘baubles’ of such power and the need to hang onto it--- so it is--- New Zealand----be aware and trust sparingly those who would rule us and especially those who actually DO!

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