Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trump and Key ----what have they got in common?

Hey---- let's have some fun. Both have a theme going on around 'hair. One pulls it, the other---well I shall leave that one to you too; after all, this is an 'interactive' blog. Both are buffoons----think of the stupid, insensitive, downright wrong pieces of rubbish that emanate from their mouths. Now focus in how they attract a large number of voters to their 'causes,' but try not to get bogged down in the silliness, the patronizing manner, the lies, the deviousness of their 'policies, the 'made up on the hoof,' appearance of much of what they say. Then---there are the differences-----one has held power for more than six years, the other wants to! One leads a country that continues to believe the lies, while the other is possibly about to. It's not too late for the former and one would hope that NZ has learned. If not---then I guess Hawaii will not be rolling out the 'YOU ARE HOME,' mat anytime soon---that is, for Key. Maybe Trump will be booking a ticket to assuage his frazzled nerves, if the USA comes to its senses. Wouldn't ya just love to be a fly on the wall----oops----on a palm branch, if the two met at a golf club in Hawaii---with Obama coming up the final leg! This is just a short blog, because the composing of the details just completed, took a great deal of effort to somehow think of the two 'leaders' at the same time.

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