Sunday, January 6, 2013

Come on Mr Premier---let your people read my blogs!

Hey it's not like I am slating you very much; certainly no more that I do Mr Putin and the Americans. Hell, I even take the piss out of myself-----oops that means I am quite happy to take a 'swipe' at myself----oops I mean I am good at laughing at myself. Does that make you feel better? I have been giving the Americans hell about their stupid gun laws, as are many Americans. Yes, that's a huge difference between the USA (and many other countries)---we can criticise our leaders, openly and not worry too much about 'consequences.' Now, please believe me when I say I admire a great deal about China. I am very happy that a 'green movement,' is gathering momentum in China and that you are finally making real attempts to clean up your environment. After all, you are still on the 'catch-up road,' trying to improve the life of your citizens. So---let your people read my blogs and enter into a free debate about the issues facing us all. I really do want to visit China to see first hand the increadible progress China has made since The Peoples' Party came to power.

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