Monday, January 7, 2013

John Key really is showing his nasty and maybe natural side!

I see that PM Key has overrules the Commerce Commission’s stance on pricing for Broadband. The Commission had ordered Telecom and Chorus (and possibly others) to decrease its price for Broadband. John key then overruled that decision. Is this not a case of Key sucking up to the ‘big boys’---more money for them, but less for us. This is a side of Key and his government that will become the norm. Is he justifying it by saying that the Government will have increased revenue as a result? Not from anything I have seen and once again I am happy to be wrong. If his decision somehow reduce d the ‘spending deficit or if the money went into much needed infrastructure spending then once again I could understand. We all know that the balance sheet is scary but what is his reasoning for this latest anti-consumer action? Watch out as Johnny boy tightens the screws over the next two years. Maybe he will do a ‘Muldoon’ and announce that the ‘cupboard is bare,’ when he losses the next election. Damn---‘what goes around’ seem to ‘come around’ in politics eh. Watch out schools, hospitals and pensioners. OH hell no---- he would be a nutter to interfere with that latter body. I think Gold Card is safe!

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