Monday, January 7, 2013

Try Montana's Lindauer Pinot Gris

Yea, if you lke a fruity dry bubbly at a very reasonable price, then Montana Lindauer Gris hits the spot. I was surprised as it only cost NZ$9 on specila, but these 'specials' seemot be around enough to be almost normal pricing. We are quite spoilt in New Zealand with the quite cheap quality wines on offer. I can feel a picnic coming on. If only I could take Perdy with me, but when I see the signs on the beaches stating big fines for our four legged friends, then I better leave her at home. If I win Lotto or sell millions of books, I may be able to achive my dream of a beach home where Perdy can run and play and visit the beach 'after hours.'
Try the wine---you won't be disappointed.

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