Monday, January 7, 2013

Let's help our mates in Australia!

Our mates in Australia are yet again in the midst of a terrible bush fire season. Even the New Zealand-like state of Tasmania is recording temperatures in the 40C range, further proving fodder for the advancing fires. Each year we seem to be seeing more of ‘mother nature’ hitting back for our folly of living in the ‘bush.’ Whether this is all the result of ‘global warming’ is beyond me as even the ‘experts’ toss their arguments about like confetti.

What I am sure about is extending the concept of ‘mate-ship’ between Australia and New Zealand. This long relationship is one of the closest in then world. Now is the time when New Zealand must step up. I hear that we are sending a team to Tasmania. No doubt more requests will follow. Why wait? This is what we do well---helping one another, be it floods, fires or earthquakes. Long may our special relationship flourish. We’re coming mate!


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