Monday, January 7, 2013

What is wrong with us as a nation?

A 61 year old man died yesterday, simply because no one rang the police or other emergency services. He had been lying in a park for a day and a night and people most definitely saw him and did nothing. I am shocked to the core that we could be so uncaring. Yes, I know that there are homeless people visible on our streets, but surely his condition warranted a closer look. The park is in Dunedin, not a city known for many homeless people anyway. The man was a diabetic. This unnecessary death must be sending shockwaves through ‘diabetic community,’ as any one of them (us) could unwittingly succumb to unconsciousness and suffer the same lack of attention from an uncaring public. There are many conditions that could lead to a similar scenario. All it would take for lives to be saved is for ‘someone to care.’ Would it realty matter if we ‘wasted’ the time of authorities because someone is drunk or ‘out of it’ for some reason, by ringing 111? Would it not be better to overact than to let someone die? Shame on all of us, not just Dunedin! Hell, with the age of cell phones and other technology, surely it is just a matter of taking a few minutes to save a life. I suspect this ‘it’s not my problem’ has permeated throughout our nation to the point that we no longer care. Once again, I really want to be wrong!

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