Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dominion Rd is being touted as 'the culinary Street of New Zealand----really?

Give me a break. Yes it has many restaurants but to really be able to claim that label, I would say that 'diversity' should be a feature. OK, to be a little more kind I will say that there is a fantastic choice of Chinese restaurants and quite a few Thai ones, but apart from a few Indian establishments, the choice is not one that deserves the above label. I live on that Road and enjoy driving towards (or away from) the city, savouring all of the fantastic smells drifting through my open window. What I would like to see is the addition of more cultural experiences; for example: Mexican, Indonesian, Spanish, and Greek----get the idea I am trying to promote? Bring in those and then some and I will say that Dominion Rd can honestly say that it is the culinary capital of New Zealand streets. I look forward to that time so that I can add more restaurant to my favourite Chinese ones. I am sure the owners of the said restaurants would agree; that with more diversity on the DOM. they will stand out more!


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