Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shane Jones, back at last! Why does Labour need him?

Today we heard that Shane Jones has been sent back to the front benches of New Zealand’s Parliament. No doubt some will throw up their hands in horror--- or is it fear?

Quite simply, the Labour Party needs this ‘real man of the people,’ back where he belongs, at the forefront of this struggling party. New Zealand needs him, because he represents that which many of us hold to be true. He speaks for many of us; he links us as a people: Maori, Pakeha (NZ Europeans) and the many new arrival ethnic groups.

He is human with weaknesses that he is not afraid to acknowledge. He does not hide them. Shane has the common touch but he is also highly educated; not in a manner that separates him from the rest of us, but in a way that will bring real gains for New Zealand.

Now watch as his opponents try to bring him down with fresh allegations. Hey Shane---take a page out of Georgina Byers’s book and ‘stick it all out there in a book.’ Then no one can be surprised or have ammunition with which to bring you down. You will just gain more support and help Labour to a victory and be part of a Government that cares. Mind you, we shall be watching you closely. Go and support David Shearer and stay (for a time) away from the infighting. Your time will come!

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