Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When 'Clerics' rule, hunmanity is the loser.

The president of Iran has been rebuked by many clerics in his home country, simply for hugging the grieving mother of President Chavez. When clerics hold such sway over a nation, the people at large are the losers because their leaders lack the common touch or understanding of human nature.

Yes. I am sure that there are strict rules governing the interactions between members of the opposite sex but to take such matter to the level that is being displayed in Iran borders on the ridiculous if not  a serious breach of well recognised  human rights.

That I am defending the actions of a man who himself has been behind many repressive measures in Iran is in itself a bit strange, but I at least recognise that he just may have a softer side. It is a pity that the vast majority of fellow Iranians are so controlled by religious police who use that role to bully and cajole the citizens. Many of these ‘police’ are nothing more than thugs. I wish the kinder and more real side of this great religion could show its face, just like it does in other countries.

Oh well, I guess we have our share of zealots in New Zealand too!

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