Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Novapay send debt collector to stressed teachers.

I find reports that debt collectors are visiting teachers at the request of Novopay totally repugnant. Part of me does not believe the claims. They are almost too outrageous to be true, so I feel like waiting before I launch into Novopay, but then again, if the NZ Herald can make such claims then who am I to doubt the validity of this report?

Teachers and support staff who have been as little as $22 are being notified that they will be processed by Bay Corp. I am going to be generous and accept that the Government is doing its utmost to resolve this crisis in the pay system. I suspect that they must be close to ditching the company behind the system, Talent Two (What an unlikely name for a company behind such a fiasco)

To retain any credibility on the whole matter, the Government will need to act fast over these worrying reports; after all, I am sure that if one of their members was overpaid, I am sure a more gentle action would ensue, rather than this stupid, heavy handed and quite unnecessary response.

Teachers and those who work in schools have hard enough jobs now, without the added burden of not knowing if their mortgages and other bills are going to be met. Sure, schools are backing their employees but that in itself creates more work and it taxes the already limited resources that schools have at their disposal. That they lose interest on accounts that should have been used for other needs is also a concern.

I know the Government has employed extra staff to help resolve this issue but is it not time to bring in a trouble shooting team from the country of origin for Novopay? Is that Australia? Maybe it’s an Aussie plot to ‘put cheeky Kiwis in their place.’


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