Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 9 on Optifast and pre-surgery

The first 5 days were ‘shite’ for me in every sense of the word, but things have changed massively. I have lost nearly 8 kgs in 9 days, way too much I would have thought. I know I hated the soups so I didn’t use them and after a few adjustments to my programme, I am completely on track. What is more, I am feeling great; lighter on my feet and energy to boot. My walks with Perdy down at the ‘Bay’ are more enjoyable, even in 25C.

I have taken an interest in making my vegetable allowance (2 cups a day of non-starchy veggies) as creative as possible. For example, tonight I steamed a bag of spinach, with capsicums, mushrooms and added garum masala, garlic, chilli, salt and pepper. I let it cool then enjoyed the water that was left in the pot. This way, I used my ‘obsession’ with food to work in my favour.

I have even played around with the shakes, to make them more interesting. One beauty was adding part of a nectarine to the mixture in my blender----wonderful. Another way of ‘fooling my system’ is to stick about 6 ice cubes in the blender and adding whatever flavour shake I wish and then letting the blender (you need a good one) do it ting. What comes out is something very much like ice-cream minus the calories.

I have just over three to go and I know that I am going to have some bad days, but so far I’m coping. This Saturday I am taking back the soups to the Pharmacy Direct shop in Northcote. They are very easy to deal with. I shall substitute the soups for bars and shakes.

I think the weight loss will stabilise soon. Hell, I can’t keep losing a kilo a day!


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