Thursday, March 14, 2013

Are we ALL serious about the 'drinking and driving issue?'

One wonders if we are ALL serious about the drinking and driving issue when we read an article in the New Zealand Herald today. There, quite prominently, loud and clearly stated is the list of excuses we can give ‘forgiving’ judges about what excuse we can put before the court when we are caught with too much alcohol in our blood. Why on earth did the Herald publish such an article when as a ‘good citizen’ it should have been pushing the opposite? ----there is no excuse for drinking and driving.’ Indeed in some countries the blood level tolerance is a big fat ZERO!
Now we are going to have every wannabe, policeman, model and God knows what else, parading a list of excuses that will temp the judge into succumbing into a humanistic mode and let off yet more potential killers. Yes, but for fate, those drivers could well have killed themselves and worse---others.
So Mr/Mrs Granny Herald---take a stand and promulgate that which is so obviously in the best interest of our community. For that stand, you will achieve something far better than a ‘piece of news’ that none of us needed to read.

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