Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sorry--- I ate the picture!

What can I say---I ate the evidence---the picture of my wonderful early dinner. So what did this consist of? I arrived home after my walk with Perdy, fed her and delved into my freezer. Sitting near the back, hidden under other new purchases was a packet of (Doug and Jill---please fix up m spelling of this Waihi delicacy!)Pirogues. I can't be stuffed getting up off my butt to go and check out the packet because I am ensconced on my couch in a most contented manner with Perdy sleeping under my legs, watching Ireland putting up a bloody good stand against the West Indies in the Cricket World Cup. I 'toured' my garden, picking a tomato, some sorrel, a few silver beet leaves and some spinach. I grabbed some basil and celery leaves and took them inside. Once the pan was hot I threw in the Pirogues, mushrooms and the veggies and seasoned them with some slat pepper and a pinch or two of spices (A Moroccan mix)and let it all cook down. I grabbed some cream and stuck that in and turned the pan off, letting the dish come together. Cream--you say. Well for the small amount I used--don't get upset. For me, carbs are far worse and I needed a bit f a protein boost. Once it had cooled to warm, I poured it into a small plate and----yes---it was superb; as good as any restaurant and so cheap. Now----gooooooo Ireland. My meal was fit for a Leprechaun!

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