Monday, February 16, 2015

ISIS---a result of 'failed USA policies,' or is it a great deal more than that?

There have been many claims about why ISIS is so dangerous and why it even came about. ISIS did not spring from a few disparate Jihadists; its roots probably existed way back in history, predating even the times of the Crusades in some respects. The lands of the Bible and Koran have never been without war or power plays, just like most other regions of this ‘quarrelling planet!’ Some have claimed that the interference of ‘Big Powers’ in their scramble to take large swaths of various continents under their wings and the subsequent discovery of oil, meaning that those who controlled or influenced the vital ‘productive areas’ or the routes for trade, as being contributors to the mess we see today. Double promises given by colonial powers also come in to the mix. One should also acknowledge the ebb and flow of tribal affiliations, Royal Families, Middle Eastern Empires that came and went and then arose again, with new cliques. We could discuss the former for years and not come up with an agreed set of reasons for the conundrum we see today. Then we have ‘religion, hijacked at times to fit in with a particular groups aims. Hey---having your interpretation of GOD on your side can be a particularly potent support! The West ‘tried it on’ during the times of the Crusades and the result was not good. It should have taught us that such ‘movement’ do not result in harmony and understanding between people. We saw the colonial incursion of the Ottomans and then the European powers and the subsequent break up of old empires, resulting in the mess that is the ME today. Now bring in the particular foreign policy moves of the USA and its allies and we sew the birth of ISIS. Why is it that the USA backs so many groups, only to have them transmorph into groups that come back and bite them in the proverbial? What is it about the advice they act upon or ignore that brings them to the conclusions that transfers into ‘policy,’ but them goes on to leave regions aflame with war and destruction. The very groups they ‘armed,’ believing that they would follow the bidding of the USA has backfired on many occasions. But, the USA just doesn’t get it. Many would say the Taliban, Al-Qaida and ISIS are the result of failed USA policies. ISIS has wreaked havoc across the region and their videos of the executions of hostages have inflamed opinion around the world. Is the aim of ISIS to prod the West and others into launching a modern day Crusade? It appears that ISIS wants this. They see it as a tool to bring about change---to unite the Arab Word’ under their yoke. That several countries have unleashed their military against them, may indicate that they are feared as much in the regions they operate as they are in the West. The might of the West, its allies and the regimes in the ME opposed to ISIS and its links, may not be enough to expunge this force. They simply melt away and rise again. Like a Phoenix to carry on their ‘struggle.’ Unless the ‘reasons that feed such groups are addressed then there will always be ---ISIS. Why would they be any different, apart from their methods, than those disenfranchised and poor peoples in other countries? When aspirations, be they religious, economic or ‘other’ are denied, then opposition grows. It may start as insignificant, be misunderstood, but it feeds off the actions of those who do not address the underlying causes. History has been ignored or rewritten. The lessons have not been learned! I wonder if the answers are even been sought.

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