Monday, August 19, 2013

The belt that wouldn't fit! Do I make two?

When I first started this downsizing ‘journey, I had one belt that fitted me. Indeed, every few months I had to add another hole to accommodate my ever-increasing girth. I won’t even try to describe how I felt at that time.
Now, nearly 5 months on, I am still adding holes to my belt(s) but at the other end. I suspect that I now have some belts that more holes than anyone else, catering for all possible sizes. I must make sure that they are donated to a ‘museum of dieting or downsizing’ as an example of ‘what was’ and ‘what can be.’ Of course, I am not on a diet as such and I am happily progressing with my new direction. We took the picture at work today and I came to the decision that just maybe, I should buy a trendy new belt.
Honestly, the belt almost goes around me twice now. I have started to settle on my new weight; one that is very OK for me. Having lost almost 40 kilos, I think I can now look to maintaining that and just increasing my fitness. I think that Party, my jack Russell will play a big part in that. Any regrets? Absolutely NOT!   

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