Friday, October 30, 2015

Menage a trois. OMG what next!

I was feeling bit bored today, so I decided to indulge in a little 'titillation' of the senses. What to do to enhance my more 'creative,' yes possibly darker side? I could of course go online and look at things deemed not 'propa' from some people's point of view, but I was in a creative mood and felt that I needed something that gave back and could be enjoyed by a group. The plan: Sitting in my cupboards are some 'toys' that are not often used, well nowhere near enough to be labelled everyday items. Given that I have a few people over for dinner I decided on a multi-level experiential, imbibing of some good old favourites; something satisfying to the palate as well as stimulating the visual side of our brains. Into the dark cupboards I headed and came out with Air fryer, 'dessert' maker and on the outside---the BBQ. For t hose of you who were becoming a little over-excited---calm down and enjoy the journey! OK, I lied about the ménage a trois---I also had an old 'dominatrix' peep form the stove top and demand to have say----an old wok! I arranged them all in the kitchen bench and let them go at it. They boiled some chicken legs in a spicy mix (Damn the WOK is such a bitch when she has company!)and let it cool. The tender legs, minus the black laced stockings will then marinade in a yet to be decided invention. In the meantime I shall come to the help of Air Fryer--she just loves a tactile input! She says she wants to play with some potatoes! OH boy---now Dessert maker says she wants to play too. She asked that I cut up some bananas, strawberries and avocado, then squeeze a lemon to bind them all together and to keep them 'fresh.' After a sleep they can go into the freezer and finally Dessert Maker will do her thing and produce a wonderful cream. Just before my friends. MS BBQ has plans to deal to the chicken legs. Yes she will gently cook them to a 'gilded' crispy finish---bringing together the final stage of our ménage a trois evening. Such fun. Such fun! Who claimeth 'food is not sexy!'

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