Monday, October 26, 2015

$10m worth of class B drugs found in toys

The 'heading' says it all. That a drug can be smuggled into NZ in this manner must be cause for concern. Take this to the next level, with the advent of a plethora of new 'designer drugs' and you can see a future that leaves one wondering, just where we are heading. On Sunday morning eight young soldiers took a dangerous step by partaking in one of these 'new boys on the block,' drugs and ended up in hospital and probably facing the wraith of the courts and their bosses. Their futures in the 'services' are mostly likely about to be curtailed. We have seen what 'P' (Methamphetamine)can do in NZ society, our families, employment and business ruined and now we are under siege from these new drugs. Obviously whatever legislation that has been p[assed, is not working. Click on this link and download my take on how 'P' destroys a family. This could be in any neighbourhood in any town or city in NZ.

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