Friday, May 9, 2014

In a house, apartment, motel unit or even in a mini-bus parked in your neighbour's section, something dangerous may be happening!

Have you witnessed those distressing scenes on TV when the police raid a home near you, where the drug, 'P' (methamphetamine) is being 'cooked.' There  is nothing culinary about the process; it is one that ends up enslaving its users and the people pushing this poison are often putting their young children who live in the same house at extreme risk, from the chemicals used and the possibility of an explosion.
New Zealand has been fighting this scourge on society for the last decade and we are nowhere near bringing the evil practice to an end. The recent furore re the so-called 'legal highs,' is also part of the problem. I know that people have always looked for ways to escape, experiment and push away their problems. Society has legal substances that many of us use, and the damage done by these is huge. 'P' and the now 'illegal highs' are similar in the way they take over the behaviours and lives of those using them. I work with young people, every day and I see the damage that either their use of those substances does to them, those near them, often family members, that result from their exposure to the use, production and selling of 'P.' Businesses are lost, families split and the health and welfare of the young people in the families is put at risk.
I have written a book, ROSKILL, that explores the effects on a family when the father enters the dark world of 'P.' This nook is for all parents who do what they tell their kids not to, and for young people, so that they can seek out help when those who should no better, follow dangerous pathways. Go straight ton the link at Amazon to buy your copy.

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