Sunday, February 7, 2016

Russia's foreign policy is a refreshing change----really?!

There are mnay 'out there' who are putting Putin on a pedestal, because he is standing up to the traditional 'big boys' in the west; because he is making a stand on issues that are close to the hearts of those who hate big business and the military industrial complex, because he is 'dealing' to ISIS. I am sure you could add to the list. I ask you to consider if he is really any different to Obama, Trump, big business leaders who are tied up with politicians in the west and yes---even in China---it just goes by another name in the latter---the Communist party. People, power, politics, money----it all comes down to CONTROL. I have a jaded view of all of the above. Take it to an even more extreme, and look at the weirdness of North Korea---you know---the Democratic----- whatever that fool calls his country! So before you jump into the assumption that any one leader has the answers, just fall back to the position the humans and their need for power, supersede all the models, that academic spend so much of their time on. It is always the little people who pay the price. Bugger---I am off to my garden. It's far easier to pull weeds than to understand those power freaks. May a million plastic dicks---(NZers will understand that!) descend upon them. Damn---I feel better now!

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