Sunday, July 6, 2014

I am geting old or stupid---take ya pick!

I had a very embarrassing moment today! After my second walk of the day with Perdy, I dropped into the fruit shop to buy some ---yes, fruit and veggies. Funny that, eh. I picked up some apples, milk and a few other bits and pieces and took them up to the counter. Out came my trusty EFTPOS card. I stuck in the numbers---well no, I didn't---not the correct ones. Silly me., I tired again and then the panic kicked in. I was consumed with the effort of trying to remember the 4 numbers. I tried three times and by then people behind me were starting to look at me as if I was a criminal. I could just see them thinking---which old lady did you steel that off mate?' I starting sweating with, I tried again and the lady serving me, who knows me quite well; we often exchange words---she is fascinated by my weight loss and always asks me how I am. She looked at me, not in an impatient manner, more one of bemusement. I stuttered a few words and tire d=to explain, conscious of the looks being directed at me from the ever increasing line behind me. Finally I muttered something about going to get some cash form the car and stumbled past the snotty-nosed judgmental people who had made up their minds that there was a victim lying somewhere, no doubt battered and bruised in some alleyway. My face must have reflected my mood because no one said a damn thing. Left the 'goods' on the counter, saying I would be back in a moment. I drove out of the car park and headed to the EFTPOS machine up the road. When I put my card in, once again panic took over and after the second try, the card was swallowed up. Yes I sad -FUCK! I was alone so I said it again. What the hell was happening?. My guests were due in a few hours and I didn't get what I had intended. By the time I arrive home I was in a quite state. Was I heading into some sort of early dementia? I sat on the sofa and th9ught for a few minutes. Damned if the numbers would comer back to me. I slowly returned to some kind of equilibrium and looked in the cupboard, for the makings of a desert. I found some raisins and then added two apples and cooked them up, added some rum and put a crumble on the top and baked it. Wow--the smell was fantastic. Guess what---I suddenly remembered to numbers! Oh well--I guess I shall be going to get a new card in the morning and yes, the meal went down well with my friends and they laughed at my terrible experience. I just hope its not a sign of things to come! So next time I forget the new numbers I shall just pretend I am cooking and the numbers will come back to me.

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