Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snippets from New Zealand on July 21.

IT is the start of Term Three for New Zealand schools. That is news for all the hard-working teachers! The kids? -well---ask them. 1) We awake today to hear that the loss of life in the Gaza strip in both sides of the conflict is the worst yet. Whe will this end--Better still--when will the senseless round of truces and then war again finally find a resoltion that both sides accept? 2) The Russians continue to sidestep their repsonsibility re the terrible shooting down of a Malaysian plane.Thier puppets on the Ukarainian side of the border are hampering all efforts by the international community to 'find the truth behind the terrorists act and Putin is doing his best to delfect attention from the part he has played in this. He is increasingnly lookling like past Russian/Soviet leaders. Mind you, that is not an insulst to him---it is a dream! 3) David Cunliffe has come under fire because he spent 'some time with his family' (much less than the time his cpounter[art, John Key, spent on holiday in his bolt-hole in Hawaii with HIS family)prior to beguinnning the real fightforthe election. That such criricism comes from an insider in his own party is typical of some of the disunity we have seen in the past. Will Labour individuals not get the message that such behaviours are handing the election to Mr Key, even before the final countdown? That faceless individual should 'fess-up,' then leave the party.David---you did the right thing! 4) If I needed any reminders about why I embarked on my bariatric surgery journey, then look at the picture. I was NOT a big happy carefree guy. I was not healthy. I was NOT living! I am now ME!

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